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At Bowie’s Store we have the coolest collection of WiLDKIND kidswear available in our webshop. Are you a mother who wants their to look fantastic and still think about the environment? Don’t hesitate and buy cool WiLDKIND clothing for them. WiLDKIND is a company that wants to educate kids about our nature and animals that live on our planet. This brand fits our vision perfectly. We offer a limited number of clothes to prevent waste. Are you a mother and do you want your children to wear sustainable clothing? Then take a look at our product range.


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Meet the Finnish unisex brand WiLDKIND. It mixes allusions of high fashion with fun streetwear for kids. The collections are designed with respect and great care for our planet. Fresh gear for those living wild! In our webshop you find various cool WiLDKIND kidswear for your son or daughter. We have limited pieces in our range to make sure we don’t have any waste. We are an urban kidswear webshop that offers various sustainable clothing from brands like WiLDKIND, JELLY MALLOW AND Búho. Our WiLDKIND clothing collection is rather unique, as not many other webshops offer them. For example, we have a nice Hawaiian shirt with a beautiful tiger print that perfectly styles with nice cargo pants. You can order the following WiLDKIND clothing in our webshop:

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We have an exclusive range of WiLDKIND kidswear in our webshop. We make sure that everything we sell is recyclable or made from organice cotton. When you have placed your order, we make sure we send out your WiLDKIND clothing within 24 hours. Do you want to know more about our unique concept? Get to know us through our about us page. You can also fill out our contact form for more information or when you have a certain question.