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We offer exclusive urban kidswear in our webshop that has been designed from a sustainable point of view. Bowie’s Store is a unique online shop where you can buy limited pieces of urban kids clothes. We care about the planet, that’s why we don’t like to waste clothes. We have a limited stock to choose from.


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You can buy the coolest urban kidswear in our webshop

If you want new urban kidswear for your children, our webshop is the ideal place to start shopping. We offer collections of multiple eco-friendly brands that have cool kidswear in their range. Think of brands like Búho, WiLDKIND, and JELLY MALLOW. We don’t like to throw away good clothes, that’s why all the clothes we have on offer are 100% recycled. We have several sustainable clothing that also looks fantastic. We have good-looking sustainable sweatshirts, pants, outerwear and a lot more clothing pieces.

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If you are looking for urban kids clothes for your children, you want to make sure they like it and it’s the right size. With our size chart, you are guaranteed to find the perfect size for your son or daughter. When you have found the right size, you can easily place your order. We make sure we send your urban kids clothes within the following 24 hours. Because of our short delivery time, your kids can quickly enjoy their new clothes.

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Have you found nice urban kids clothes? Then place your order today! Do you want to order urban kidswear in our webshop, but do you have some questions about our products? Or do you want to know more about our company? You can always get in touch with one of our employees. Reach us by filling in our contact form.