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At Bowie’s Store, you can buy JELLY MALLOW kidswear which we can easily ship within the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. When you place your order in our shop, we ensure to send it within the following 24 hours. That way, your children can enjoy their new clothes as soon as possible. Buy cute new clothes for your children that looks so good, you secretly want to wear it yourself.

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Unique JELLY MALLOW kidswear in the Netherlands

JELLY MALLOW is our favorite South Korean brand! Their contemporary urban style is unique, and every single piece is so comfortable, feels super good, and makes everyone who wears it happy. The urban kidswear of JELLY MALLOW and our unique concept is a combination that you don’t often see in other online shops in the Netherlands. We offer a limited and exclusive range of clothing, that is unique and exclusive to prevent waste. We have several sustainable clothing lines, like cute sweatshirts or pants from multiple brands.

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When you have found the perfect sustainable clothes in our webshop for your son or daughter, you want to make sure you order the right size so your child can wear the clothes immediately. It’s a good idea to look at our size chart before placing your order. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about shipping your JELLY MALLOW kidswear to your location in the Netherlands? Then fill out our contact form! We respond as soon as possible.